The waves are calling…… Baler

The waves are calling… Yeah. The surfer wanna be in me. :p

I just checked one of my 2014’s to do list. (I know, it’s 2015 now. This post is long overdue so please forgive me. :p)

I’ve read a lot of write ups and tips on Baler Trips and I would like to share what this small community up north had offered us.


Travel time is approximately 7-8 hrs with 3 stop overs.

If you easily get dizzy on long trips, you might wanna bring white flower to keep you to your senses or just take bonamine before getting on the bus. The trip can get bumpy and zigzag-y at some point.

I felt like we were travelling to Sagada when we entered Nueva Ecija. The road is uphill and resembles that of Sagada. I thought that it was just cool that you have to pass through a mountain to go to a beach. Yes, that’s another Baler experience that doesn’t always get published.

When you reached Baler town proper, you can just hire a tricycle to take you to your hotel for only P15/head.


If you do not have any prior booking, you can just ask the tricycle driver to help you look for a place.

For budget travelers, you can find places to stay for as low as 600/night. To those who wants luxurious accommodation, Costa Pacifica offers accommodation that starts from 3k up to 15k/night.

Here are some of the beach front resorts that we personally checked
Costa Pacifica
Bay-ler View
Aliya Surf Camp & Resort
Bay’s Inn

We could have gotten rooms for 800/night but we wanted a room at the beach front. We chose Bay-ler View. Why?

We got a room that’s good for 3-4 persons with a price that’s good for 2.
P1800/night with free breakfast (2) +wifi + hot/cold bath + toiletries and a bunch of super accommodating crew. PLUS it’s beach front!!

Things to do:

SURF of course. Standard rate is P350/hr with instructor. P200/hr for board rental.

IMG-20140901-03473 IMG-20140830-03394

ECO TOUR for P800/tricycle (there’s just the two of us so it would be cheaper when you are in a larger group)


*wear sunblock/bring a brolly as it could get really hot during the tour. Unless you want to have your tan before hitting the beach. 🙂
*Ermita Hill – there is a view deck here where you can see the whole stretch of Sabang. To me, this place is Tagatay-ish. If you have the energy, you can climb up to the cross which would take approximately 5-10mins. That’s 200+ steps by the way…


*Museo de Baler/ Aurora Quezon Ancestral House and Baler Church – this part of the tour is more of a sight –seeing thing. You get to see preserved old stuff, that’s all. Some of them aren’t even old.  I’m sorry but I didn’t feel like I was in a real museum or ancestral house. BTW: You have to register and drop some donations before you can enter Museo de Baler and the Ancestral House.

*Balete Tree – they used to allow tourists to climb this tree up to the top but just recently (summer of 2014), only climbing halfway is allowed as the roots have gone weak overtime and it could be risky if they tolerate climbing it all the way up. Need help with photo ops? Don’t worry though; the tour guides in the Millennium Tree are good photographers. Lol. Yes, so don’t hesitate to hand them your cameras. You’ll be surprised with how pro they could be in capturing your climbing moments [for a small fee of P50, well it’s more like a donation so you can give any amount).

*Mother Falls/ Ditumabo Falls – rocky road from the high way up to the jump off and a short trek en route to the mother falls. Your tour guide would tell you why they call it mother falls. Ok fine, I’m sharing it. Lol. It’s because there are smaller falls which they call the baby falls and then, there is Father falls (a bigger one) but they don’t include it in the ECO tour as getting there could take half a day and it’s regulated by a different locality.


Every blog I have read about Baler has written about the rolling stores. So let me just reinforce. Yes, you can satisfy your hunger at a lower price . This place is not located along the beach though, it is beside Museo de Baler. Takes about 5 minutes on a tricycle.

There are a lot of food choices in the town proper. There is Gerry Shans (Buffet type P199/head), Trenchies and Yolly’s. All these three are along the way if you are walking from Museo de Baler. Note: there are a lot of restaurants/food houses that you can dine in at the town proper. You just need to explore. Just walk, walk, walk and walk.

Please don’t forget to try their Pako(Fern) Salad. You can find this delish in almost every food corner in Baler. BUT! Bay-ler View has the best Pako Salad. Yes, their dressing is just oh-so-yum!


There are also a good number of vendors selling suman. I’ve tried their suman so many times before (pasalubong from friends) so I didn’t buy any during our stay.

If you are not on a group tour or did not rent a van, please take note that the last bus trip from Baler to Cubao/Pasay leaves at 11am. So be mindful of the time. There are joy buses(P700 I think) that leaves as late as 230pm but you have to reserve seat on the day of your arrival as the bus fills up easily.

That is it pansit! I wish i could have written more but I’ll stop here. Baka lalong hindi ko maipost eh. :p

IMG-20140901-03484 IMG-20140901-03476

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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