Boracay first timers

It has been our (my best friend, @dawnchang and I) dream to go beaching since April but due to our volleyball games, our summer weekends were all spent on balls and not on a beach.
So just right when the rainy season began, we hopped on our way to the beautiful beach of Boracay.
IMG_20130808_006122 IMG_20130808_0055413
That’s me and Dawn making faces while on the plane.
IMG-20130804-00244 IMG_20130808_006318
Our first night was just all rest as we’ve got no sleep from work. First night was all about selfie, selfie, and selfie. And oh, we made our bed a “trampoline”. Le kids at heart. Lol!

We got up a little late the following day and it was drizzling when we went out for a morning walk. We got cold and craved for something hot, so off we go to Starbucks. Weee! 😀

You must be wondering who’s taking our photos. It’s Dave, a friend of mine who asked if he could tag along in our trip. At first, I thought that it would be awkward since our trip is supposed to be a BFF’s getaway but I thought of a good Idea of his presence. So I said sure, only if he’ll be our camera guy. *grin* Haha! He’s camera shy so you won’t really be seeing a lot of him. Lol!

Later that afternoon we tried skim boarding. At first I thought it was going to be difficult but after a couple of tries, lots of fall here and there, and some bruises, I found myself liking it. I got so busy riding the skim board and have forgotten to put some sunblock on. It was just Dave and I who did skim boarding. My best friend has a new tattoo and can’t be exposed to the sun.
IMG-20130803-00104 IMG-20130803-00134
Le best friend and I took a quick bikini shot under the sun.
IMG-20130803-00135 IMG-20130803-00141
My skim board experience and my bruise. I enjoyed it, so I did it the following day. 😀

IMG_20130808_006837 IMG_20130808_006936
We enjoyed the ATV ride. I could drive it all day. 😀
20130804_205321 20130804_203303
Night life. Had some bottle of RHB. The beer’s price was not that expensive but the food price is. Tip: Eat at a local cafeteria, start drinking at your hotel and continue drinking at the bar. This way, you get to cut down at least 50% off of your expenses.
IMG_20130808_0061453 IMG_20130808_0061354<
It was raining when we did our Island tour. So when we had the chance, we slipped our cameras out and took a quick shot (left image). Funnily enough, when we get off of the boat, the rain was gone so we hurried and took another bikini shot. Lol!
IMG_20130808_0061224 IMG_20130808_0061348
(Left image) What are you looking at? Haha! That’s our friend Dave. (Right image) The “you know” shot. Haha!
IMG_20130808_006747 IMG-20130805-00284
(Left image) The must-have shot in Boracay, the sand date shot. Haha! We didn’t know that the Island security destroys this “sand date” after tourists like us took pictures. There is no fee for the picture taking but they take donations (kahit bente lang daw). The local kids would build it somewhere again for donations and photo ops. (Right image) It’s time to leave the hotel.
IMG_20130808_0061859 IMG-20130805-00313
It’s time to go back to Manila. We definitely enjoyed our first time in the island, we’d surely comeback. A lot of activities are pending on our to-do list, if not for the rain during our stay, we could have done the Cliff dive at Ariel’s Point. Nevertheless, it was still an awesome experience.
Ooops… We have been craving for a coffee float since we got to the island, thing is THERE IS NO JOLIBEE IN BORACAY!!! How could they do that? Lol! So, as soon as we land in NAIA, we tracked the Jolibee store there and we were ecstatic to see it. See the look on our faces? Haha! 


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