Spa Milk Salt

Did you ever dare to try on whitening products that promise amazing results?

Me? Of course, my skin isn’t that fair plus the fact that I’m in a tropical country and skin damage is a norm. I’d like to keep my elbows and knees color fair so I did my own experiment. I tried numerous soaps, lotions and other whitening products on my skin. Some did work, some barely and the others didn’t do any good. Haha! A friend spoke about this spa milk salt and recommended that I try it, so I did.

At first, it was a hassle because it added time in my bathing time. I’ve been consistently using it and didn’t expect to see any results until after 2 weeks. A colleague said that my skin looks lighter. I continued using it and I guess it worked for me. It leaves a soft and silky feel after shower and my skin definitely got softer and whiter. Do I sound like a TVC endorser now? Lol!

So….there you go! Try it if you’d like. (I just can’t guaranty if it’s gon work or not. We have different skin types, we all know that) 🙂

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