World War Z

So I heard the buzz about this movie so I went out with a couple of friends to watch it.

We got in to the movie house just right on time for it to start. So, no water, chips, soda, or whatever it is that’ll keep you company during the movie.

I’d say the only calm and ‘easy’ part of the film is when Gerry was cooking pancakes for his kids. That’s it! The scene after that when the family was in the car, speaking about a cat when a police man in a motorbike hit the left side mirror of their car, that made me jump(the first one). And that’s where the suspense all started.

I’d recommend this film to the ‘zombie fans’ out there. Even to those who are not. It’s nothing like The Walking Dead or any other Zombie film/show. The zombies in this film are aggressive!

Man, this movie is one of those things that’ll keep your hearts beat like drums from the beginning till the end.
And if I were asked if I’d like to watch it again, I’d say YES YES YES!

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